UPDATE: SMARTS Online: Summer Professional Development Workshop!

 UPDATE: Time is running out to sign up for SMARTS Online’s Summer Professional Development Workshop!
The workshop, which runs from August 9–10, is almost full, but there are still a few seats remaining. So click here to reserve your seat now! Check below to find out more information.
Hope to see you there!
– Elizabeth Ross
SMARTS Online’s Summer Professional Development Workshop!


Tuesday and Wednesday, August 9–109:00 am–1:30 pm
2 Militia Drive (Adult Learning Center), Lexington, MA
 How much does it cost to attend?
$395 (for two-day summit, August 9–10
(includes free one-day access to the SMARTS curriculum, materials, lunch, and free parking)

 What will I learn?

August 9–10: SMARTS Summer Summit

  • Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D., will present a workshop that will allow educators to dive deep into the theoretical framework upon which SMARTS was built as well as into the practical solutions SMARTS can offer your school.
  • Participate in a “Best of SMARTS” series, exploring the lessons that will be most critical to your students during the coming school year.
  • Learn strategies you can implement on the first school day and throughout the year.

In this workshop you will:

  • Earn 5+ instructional hours each day.
  • Gain a strong foundation in executive function and its crucial role in education.
  • Hear from SMARTS staff about how best to promote metacognition, flexible thinking, and resilience.
  • Participate in modeled lessons specific to the workshop’s theme.
  • Familiarize yourself with the SMARTS Online platform and the scope and sequence of the curriculum.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions to the curriculum staff who can help you adapt lessons to fit your needs.
  • Meet and learn in-person from a growing pool of exceptional, international educators within the ever-expanding SMARTS Online community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What will I learn when I attend the training? RILD 1

A.  You will develop a deeper understanding of the key concepts of executive function. You will participate in modeled lessons and learn how to teach and adapt SMARTS EF strategies to your classroom teaching. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with your peers, engage with SMARTS staff, and develop customized approaches to promoting strategic and self-aware learning for students with diverse ability profiles.

Q:  How familiar must I be with the SMARTS Online curriculum in order to attend?
A. This workshop requires neither prior experience with the curriculum nor previous teaching of executive function strategies. You will have access to the entire SMARTS program at the training and the option to purchase either the complete curriculum or the SMARTS strategy sets. There is no obligation to purchase either one.

Q:  Am I eligible to receive hours of instruction for this training?  If so, how many?
A. After attending the workshop, you will be presented with a certificate of completion for 5.0 hours of instruction.
We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Cutler at: [email protected]