The Journey to a Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck (Video)

I love Carol Dweck’s amazing work on the concept of growth mindset. (For more information on growth mindset, check out Dweck’s site: Mindset Works.) Promoting a growth mindset is one of the ultimate goals of the SMARTS program; when a student has a growth mindset, they can develop deeper metacognition based on their successes and failures (check out lesson 1.1 “What is Metacognition?” for more on this process).

I have read about Carol Dweck’s work—Mindset is well on its way to becoming a modern classic in education—but I have never heard her speak. So I was thrilled to learn that Education Week posted the full video of her keynote from their Leaders to Learn From event in Washington, DC, on March 11, 2016.

Hearing Dr. Dweck talk is a truly unique experience. I definitely recommend taking the time to view it.

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Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager