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  • Motivation Monday: Flow State

    Motivation Monday: Flow State

    Can you remember the last time you completed a task and were really “in the zone”? Positive psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Jeanne Nakamura (Claremont Graduate University) describe this mental state […]

  • Motivation Monday: Attribution Theory

    Motivation Monday: Attribution Theory

    Attribution theory asserts that motivation depends on learners’ interpretations of their past successes and failures. Specifically, learner conceptualizations of the locus, stability, and controllability of past successful or failed outcomes […]

  • Motivation Monday: Constructivism

    Motivation Monday: Constructivism

    Constructivism is a theory of learning (link opens in new tab/window) that revolves around the idea that learners construct their own knowledge based on personal experiences and within their sociocultural […]

  • Motivation Monday: Cultural Responsiveness

    Motivation Monday: Cultural Responsiveness

    Why we need to consider culture when assessing student motivation As educators, we talk a lot about using research-based practices. However, data shows(link opens in new tab/window) that 96% of participants […]

  • Motivation Monday: Self-Determination Theory

    Motivation Monday: Self-Determination Theory

    According to self-determination theory (link opens in new tab/window), humans feel motivated when these three psychological needs are met:  Autonomy: the desire for choice and control of personal decisions Competency: […]

  • Motivation Monday: Expectancy-Value Theory

    Motivation Monday: Expectancy-Value Theory

    Expectancy-value theory , developed by Jacquelynne Eccles, Allan Wigfield, and their colleagues, posits that motivation (M) is the equal to the product of expectation of success and value of the goal: In […]

  • Motivation Monday: Behaviorism

    Motivation Monday: Behaviorism

    Behaviorism is a theory of learning that focuses on students’ interactions with their environment; learning occurs when there is a response to the right stimulus. Students’ behaviors change because of […]