Students Speak: Organizing My Backpack Is My Favorite Thing to Do!

I’m an organized person, so I know that getting your backpack ready for the day is really important. The backpack relay was a lot of fun. It was my favorite SMARTS lesson. –Diana , middle school

Yes, you read that correctly. This student says she enjoyed organizing her backpack. Teaching students executive function strategies does not have to be boring. In fact, using a fun activity, such as the SMARTS backpack relay race, to show students the importance of strategy use is a great way to get buy in.

The backpack relay race asks students to organize a messy backpack (or binder or computer desktop). Students then race each other to find a series of important assignments, school supplies, etc. Students love it!

But the real lesson behind the fun is that being organized makes your life easier because you are able to find what you need more efficiently. After your class has competed in the backpack relay race, you’ll have established the value of keeping organized. So, the next time you have 10 minutes of down time, you might find your students cleaning out their backpacks… without being asked!

For more strategies to help students organize their materials and time, take a look at the Unit 4 Overview of the SMARTS Curriculum.