Spelling YouTube Roundup

As a student with dyslexia, spelling was the bane of my existence. (Honestly, I still am a terrible speller!) Fortunately, there are lots of easy-to-access resources that teach spelling in ways that work for dyslexic students. Below are some of the best videos on teaching spelling to students with dyslexia.

This video reviews the symptoms of dyslexia that interfere with spelling. Many students with dyslexia have a difficult time with phonics, and “sounding it out” is pretty unhelpful. A student with dyslexia may not know the letter or letter combination they need because they don’t know the sound the letters make.


This video covers the eight essential skills children need to learn how to read and spell. Phonics is just the tip of the iceberg!


In order to teach students how to spell, it helps to understand the structure of language. Often teachers aren’t taught the structure of English in college, so they have to rely on concepts they pick up along the way. This video shows how an understanding of language structure can help teachers break down words and teach spelling in an explicit, systematic way.


Visual aids are a powerful strategy for teaching spelling to students with dyslexia. This approach relies on using visual cues to help students recognize and spell challenging words.


Teachers have many jobs that extend beyond teaching. One such job is identifying which students are at risk for a learning difference. In this video, the legendary Dr. Louisa Moats discusses how teachers can identify potential reading difficulties in students.


Debbie Williams talks viewers through the “split method,” a powerful, visual approach for teaching spelling.

This post’s image comes from The Dyslexic Book! Check them out for inspirational stories and resources.

Did you find any of these videos helpful? Do you have other spelling strategies to share? Let us know the comments!

  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager