SMARTS Executive Function Professional Development Opportunities!

For almost a year now, teachers and educators across the US (and in seven countries!) have been using the SMARTS executive function strategies with their students. Although SMARTS was designed with middle school and high school students in mind, we have heard from third- and fourth-grade teachers as well as teachers in college learning centers who are using SMARTS. Educators are implementing SMARTS executive function strategies in special education resource rooms, general education science and English classes, homeroom, advisory, independent learning centers, clinical settings, and more. We are overjoyed to see how SMARTS has spread, and we can’t wait to keep building on this growth and working to reach even more students.

If you want us to run a training at your school, we can do that, too. Check out the professional development page to learn more.

Michael Greschler, M.Ed., SMARTS Director