SMARTS in Action! Teaching Executive Function Strategies in a Dynamic School Setting – Part 3

This is Part 3 in the story of how SMARTS is being implemented at the Dorchester Conservatory Lab Charter School. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Sean is approaching SMARTS in a sequence that he believes is best suited to the needs of his students. For example, in preparation for essay writing, he sees a more immediate need for self-checking as part of self-monitoring (Unit 6) before he proceeds with goal setting (Unit 2).

He is also applying SMARTS strategies to lesson plans across various subject areas including humanities, current events, chemistry, and music. In addition, Sean is infusing SMARTS into his students’ daily routine. All of his students have a daily task checklist and three daily goals that address homework tasks and getting ready for the next day. He reviews students’ strategy use, use of time trackers, use of hard core binders, and signed agendas.

I have been impressed with the insightful ways in which Sean’s students understand themselves as learners. They were focused and committed to the process throughout the time I was there.

The opportunity to see SMARTS in real time has been so rewarding. It is one thing to articulate the features and benefits of this program, but to witness it as a transformative process for these students is now a new source of inspiration in my marketing efforts.

ResearchILD staff are so excited to see that SMARTS is making a difference throughout the U.S. and internationally with teachers like those at CLCS.

We encourage and welcome other SMARTS teachers to send us their success stories so that we can share ideas to support the efforts of SMARTS teachers through the U.S. and across the globe. Submit your stories to Jamie Cutler, Director of Marketing and Communications, at [email protected] and help spread the power of SMARTS to others.

We invite you to hear more about the amazing work at CLCS at this year’s Learning Differences Conference on March 10–11 at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Their presentation will be part of the panel: “SMARTS executive function strategies: A game-changer in schools” on Saturday, March 11.

  • Jamie Cutler, M.S., Director of Marketing