Project-Based Learning, Ed Tech, and EF

A makerspace with tools and equipment for students to create and work on projects

From ed tech and project-based learning to fab labs and makerspaces, innovation in education and technology is the way of the future. The time has come to make the shift in education towards hands-on project-based learning systems that incorporate technology and foster students’ creativity, problem-solving, and engagement.

The real magic of learning happens when students integrate basic skills with executive function strategies and simultaneously express their creativity. However, developing this type of school-based program for different types of learners is not easy. To build successful project-based learning programs infused with technology, one must implement the appropriate structures, professional development, and culture.

Teaching for the Future

ResearchILD is fortunate to host Colin Meltzer, M.A., at our 37th Annual Executive Function Conference, where he will offer a pre-recorded concurrent presentation on “Project-Based Learning and Educational Technology: Fostering Creativity, Problem Solving, and Engagement in Students.” Mr. Meltzer is founder and director of MakeShift EdTech where his mission is to train teachers and students to use technology in order to make the shift to innovative and creative, 21st-century learning.

Mr. Meltzer’s presentation will highlight:

  • Why, what, and how to create a successful project-based learning program for all students
  • The ways in which the future will require children to become problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and empathetic human beings with a broad range of STEAM skills
  • How to encourage children to not wait to invent the future they will live in

Learn More

Are you interested in leveraging the power of project-based learning and educational technology to foster creative and engaged learners? Join us at ResearchILD’s 37th Annual Executive Function Conference on November 3 and 4, 2022, to hear from this presenter and more.

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