Professional Development


Providing professional development and executive function resources to support teachers as they empower students to develop focused effort, positive self-concept, persistence and resilience.

ResearchILD trains teachers to understand and implement easy to use and powerful executive function learning strategies in special education and general education classrooms. Our on-site and off-site trainings and workshops are customized to the unique needs of each classroom, school or district. Professional development offerings are designed to help you to: ​

  • Understand the crucial role executive function processes play in successful learning
  • Explore how executive function difficulties and learning differences, such as ADHD or dyslexia, interfere with common academic tasks (e.g., organization, reading comprehension)
  • Learn hands-on strategies to use across grade levels and content areas
  • Create a plan to implement executive function interventions programs through instructional leadership teams, grade levels, content areas or school-wide.

Learn more about our 2023 Executive Function Essentials Training here.

Explore our professional development offerings below or reach out to us for information about our professional development opportunities. ​

For more information, contact Donna Kincaid at 781-861-3711 or [email protected].

Executive Function Professional Development at your location

Onsite at your School ResearchILD staff delivers engaging, hands-on executive function professional development on-site at your school. Our staff will work closely with administrators and teachers to create customized professional development to meet the unique needs of any school. We follow up with ongoing consultation and support to teachers and administrators as they implement strategies aligned with your school’s general education and special education curricula and classroom needs. Additional support is provided by phone, remote technology, and through SMARTS newsletters, video trainings and webinars.

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Executive Function Professional Development At our Headquarters

Meet and retreat at Multi-Day Executive Function Institutes and One-Day Workshops.  Educators from around the world join Dr. Lynn Meltzer and ResearchILD’s team of professional presenters in one or two day professional learning workshops. Educators meet face-to-face with internationally renowned experts/authors to reflect on critical topics, learn exemplary hands-on strategies to use across content areas and leave with new energy and understanding that will inform their teaching. New off-site PD events are posted on as soon as they are open for registration.  

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Other Services Offered by ResearchILD

ResearchILD staff can work with you to develop a plan to implement executive function strategies in your school or district.  Our work is personalized to your specific needs and is driven by  your resources and budget as well as your organizational structure.  

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Let Us Customize a Plan for Your School or District

ResearchILD can customize a plan to guide you to implement easy to use and powerful executive function learning strategies across grade levels and content areas,  in special education and general education classrooms.  Our on-site and off-site trainings and workshops meet the unique needs of each classroom,  school or district. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to help you empower ALL students to be successful in school and life. 

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