An Interview with Lynn Meltzer


Michael Hart, child psychologist and online educator, just posted an interview with our president and director of research, Lynn Meltzer. He writes:

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting an in-depth interview with Dr. Lynn Meltzer ( regarding the launch of her fully online Executive Function curriculum for all teachers.

Dr. Meltzer has long been known to be an international leader in the EF field and she has been at the forefront of the efforts to create programs and curriculum to support our teachers’ efforts to strengthen students’ EF skills.

SMARTS is a very intensive and thorough program that provides core help with EF skills that usually just aren’t taught in school. It’s really all about teaching students to “learn how to learn.”

In the interview, Dr. Meltzer talks about how she developed her unique insights into executive function and the struggles that students with learning differences (formerly known as learning disabilities) have. Click here to listen to the full interview, then visit visit Michael Hart’s website to access more information about learning differences and attention issues at