Link Roundup: All About Reading!

Hello everyone! As the summer nears its end, many students are scrambling to finish their summer reading, and parents and educators are looking for ways to keep readers motivated. During my search, I discovered a bunch of great articles about reading that I thought you’d find interesting. So enjoy this Reading Link Roundup!

10 Tech Hacks to Help a Struggling Reader — Great ideas from

If you have a child who has just been given a dyslexia diagnosis or whose reading deficits are hurting his or her confidence, check out these helpful hacks.

Early Brain Connections Key to Reading — Fascinating paper from ScienceDaily

Pathways that exist before kids learn to read may determine development of the brain’s word recognition area.

Liz Pichon on How Dyslexia Inspired the ‘Tom Gates’ Children’s Books — If you’re not familiar with this terrific book series, then this is a must-read!

All the Gates books contain space for doodling and games, plus places to comment and find useful advice.

Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt — Make summer reading a fun activity as opposed to a chore.

Learn how to create scavenger hunts for STEM lovers, nature lovers, music and dance lovers, and more!

Reading 2.0 — Insights from Edutopia

Kids aren’t reading less, they’re reading differently.

Happy Reading!

  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager