Laughing About Learning Differences

At first glance, growing up with a learning or attention difference, such as dyslexia or ADHD, doesn’t seem like something to laugh about. Often kids with who struggle in school do whatever it takes to stay under the radar, dreading being asked to read out loud or take another timed math quiz.

The truth is that the path to success for all students, including those with learning differences, is to accept who they are, to own their strengths and challenges, and to use this knowledge to pursue their goals.

Nina G is a comedian who uses her dyslexia and her stutter as material for her act. Instead of hiding her struggles, she laughs about them, and her audience laughs along with her. We think Nina is a heart-warming and hilarious role model for our students. She can help students see that, while learning differences often impose real struggles for them, they can own that fact and even laugh about it at times.

via Understood

  • Michael Greschler, M.Ed., SMARTS Director