ILD Student Named Read Naturally’s Star!

I wanted to share some exciting news from our sister organization ILD (Institute for Learning and Development). Katie, a student who receives one-on-one educational therapy and executive function strategy instruction from ILD, was chosen as Read Naturally’s Star Student! Wendy Stacy, Katie’s educational therapist and SMARTS curriculum writer, said she nominated her for this award because:

[Katie] started with Level 0.8 and is now on Level 3.5! Not only has the program helped improved her reading skills, she is also writing five-sentence summaries with ease. Now, she no longer qualifies for an IEP! I am really proud of Katie’s drive to improve and willingness to stretch herself with more difficult passages. She is quite a super star!

We have found Read Naturally to be a wonderful tool for helping struggling readers, like Katie, become more confident and skillful. By combining research-proven strategies with a text and audio guide, Read Naturally allows each student to progress at his or her own pace. Students master stories by reading along with the audio—building fluency, comprehension, and confidence. Learn more about Read Naturally here.

Congratulations, Katie, from all of us here at SMARTS Online!

Check out the entire post on ILD’s blog here.


  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager