Happy New Year from the SMARTS Executive Function Team

Hope everyone out there is enjoying a bit of a break over the holidays. Whether you like to unwind by reading, playing board games, or making your bed, we hope that all of our SMARTS educators, and every teacher out there, is relaxing and recharging.

A new year can be a new opportunity to set goals and to adopt new strategies. As your students come back to class, bright eyed and rested, why not take the opportunity do some reflection? Even if your students set new years’ resolutions independently, there’s a chance that those resolutions will be overly critical or unrealistic. By using the new year to help students  face their fears in 2020, through explicit executive function strategy instruction of course, you can help harness your students motivation, promoting a sense of motivation and engagement. (Want to learn more about goal setting and executive function? Check out our webinar replay here).

And don’t forget, as you prepare to bring the power of executive function strategies to your classroom, SMARTS is here for you! Our team is full of caring educators, experienced in helping teachers implement, modify, and adapt executive function strategies for a diverse range of students and learning environments. As 2020 begins, stay tuned for ways to learn more about SMARTS and how executive function strategies can empower your students.

  • Michael Greschler, M.Ed., SMARTS Director