Happy 4th of July from SMARTS!

Two sparklers against the night sky

From all of us here on the SMARTS Executive Function team, we wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!

Summer is a great time to pause for self-reflection and cultivate a gratitude practice, as well as explore the connections between mindfulness, metacognition, and learning. While your students are on break, why not step into your students’ shoes and learn something new or pick up a new hobby!

As educators begin to contemplate the new school year, we hope you will find ways to incorporate executive function into your work.

SMARTS has a range of executive function materials and professional development that any teacher can use to fill out their executive function toolkit.

  • Executive Function Summer Summit
    (July 26, July 28, August 2, August 4)

    Join the SMARTS team to explore topics such as metacognition, flexible thinking, strategies for reading and note-taking, and social-emotional learning. The four sessions of the Summer Summit can be purchased as a bundle for a special price and will be recorded for on-demand access after the event.
  • SMARTS Executive Function Summer Workshop
    (August 9, August 11)
    Planning to teach SMARTS next year? Come spend time with the SMARTS team to explore the curriculum, dig into SMARTS strategies, learn with your peers, and develop a customized implementation plan for a new year.

Wherever your summer plans take you, SMARTS is here to help. Here’s to a great summer!

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum: smarts-ef.org

Research Institute for Learning and Development: researchild.org

The Institute for Learning and Development: ildlex.org