How to Get to Sleep When You Have ADHD

ADHD and sleep issues often go hand-in-hand. However, too many students (and adults!) often treat their difficulty focusing and their struggle to fall asleep as separate issues. Sleep deprivation is properly seen as another aspect of life with ADHD and should be addressed with ADHD management strategies.

Here is a great video from the YouTube channel How to ADHD about how to get sleep when you have ADHD.

What do you think of her advice? Do you think these strategies would be helpful for students with ADHD?  What other strategies have you found are helpful in managing sleep issues for people with ADHD?

The rest of the videos on the How to ADHD channel are definitely worth watching and sharing. Students love hearing advice that comes from someone who is close to their own age and has dealt with the real life struggles of ADHD.

  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager