Full PreFrontal Podcast: Exposing the Mysteries of Executive Function – Part 1

Executive function strategies for students with learning differences have begun to get the recognition they deserve. When I first started teaching executive function strategies, many teachers (or parents and students for that matter) weren’t sure what it meant. Now there are a plethora of online resources where you can learn about why executive function processes are so important for a lifetime of success.

Recently, our President, Dr. Lynn Meltzer, took part in a podcast called, “Full PreFrontal,” hosted by Sucheta Kamath. Each week, Kamath hosts an expert from the field of education, often focused on executive function or learning differences. Past guests have included Russell Barkely, Philip Zelazo, Bonnie Singer, and more. In this episode, Dr. Meltzer discusses the importance of teaching students to learn HOW to learn by promoting executive function strategy use, self-awareness, motivation, and persistence in the face of challenge. Have a listen!

  • Michael Greschler, M.Ed., SMARTS Director