Courses for Students and Parents

ResearchILD offers practical and powerful executive function trainings and courses for students and parents. Our programs are designed to help children and adults improve their focus, attention, impulse control, and problem-solving skills.

Courses for Students

Every year, a wide range of summer programming is offered for students of every grade level, from early elementary school to college. Review our offerings below and contact us for schedules, pricing, and registration.

Master Your Mind the SMARTS Way

Master Your Mind The Smarts Way courses offer developmentally appropriate and interactive, hands-on instruction for students entering grades 7-11 in the following executive function areas:

  • Self-understanding
  • Flexible thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Organization and planning
  • Time management
  • Active reading and note-taking
  • Remembering
  • Studying and test-taking

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Summer Suite of Educational Therapy Services

These strategic skill-building sessions for all ages enable students to enter the next grade feeling more confident and prepared. Over the summer, each student will meet with his/her educational therapist one or more times per week for a total of 8-12 sessions.

Our specialists are Master’s level clinicians who have experience meeting the needs of students with diverse learning profiles. Students can learn and practice strategies to improve basic skills and build executive function processes.

  • Reading: specialized instruction in decoding, fluency, comprehension
  • (e.g., OG, Wilson, LiPS, Project Read)
  • Writing: structured and/or creative writing
  • Math: fill in gaps, fluency, curriculum preview for next year
  • Summer course work
  • Test Prep: SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE
  • College prep: Common App essays, study skills
  • Executive Function: Time management, organization, study and test-taking strategies

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Executive Function Strategies for College Success

College-bound students and current college students may benefit from customized, individual sessions, either remote or in-person with one of our executive function coaches to prepare for a successful college experience in the fall. We offer flexible scheduling around summer jobs and vacations.

Students will learn strategies for:

    • Setting goals
    • Managing time
    • Prioritizing assignments
    • Starting and completing assignments
    • Sustaining effort and motivation throughout the semester

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Offerings for Parents

We believe that parents need up-to-date information and practical tools and strategies to help their children, particularly those with attention and learning challenges. Whatever your child’s challenges – reading, math, writing, attention, executive function, or motivation – our team has the knowledge and expertise to help. And the more you know, the more easily you will be able you will be to support their needs.

Parent Workshops

Parents workshops are held periodically to support families whose children or adolescents are struggling with executive function processes or learning. Typical problem areas include procrastination, organizational difficulties, poor time management skills, and lack of effective checking strategies. Through our workshops, parents better understand the underlying causes for these EF difficulties, as well as learn approaches and strategies grounded in research and best practice.

In-person and virtual workshops and webinars are held during the school year on a range of topics of interest to parents. In addition, we are available for presentations to parent groups, including Special Education Advisory Committees (SEPACs) and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). Past programming has included “Executive Function 101”, “Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Readers“, “Strategies for Dealing with Math Anxiety”, and “Transition to College.”

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