Fidget Toys! A Fun Way to Focus for Students with ADHD

Recently, you might have seen this strange square thing floating around the Internet. The Fidget Cube has been a Kickstarter sensation, exceeding its funding goals by millions, yet it doesn’t seem to do anything. Why are people so excited about it? It’s a fantastic example of a fidget toy.

In Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom: Sensory Strategies for Living with ADHD by Roland Rotz, Ph.D, and Sarah D. Wright, MS, ACT, the authors write that: “Fidgets are simultaneous sensory-motor stimulation strategies — the four S’s. If something we are engaged in is not interesting enough to sustain our focus, the additional sensory-motor input that is mildly stimulating, interesting, or entertaining allows our brains to become fully engaged and allows us to sustain focus on the primary activity in which we are participating.”

Great fidget toys come in all shapes and sizes. However, they should be engaging without being distracting either to the person using them or to others who may be trying to work nearby. Below is a list of some of our favorites. Happy fidgeting!

The Fidget Cube itself is jam packed with multiple fidget activities. It is like many fidget toys in one! Students can click buttons, twist nobs, flick switches, roll gears and more.



Stylish, functional, and designed to look amazing. The best way to discreetly serve the need to chew and/or fidget. It is widely recognized that many individuals who struggle to maintain their focus or regulate their mood find chewing a way of remaining calm during times of stress. Made from 100% silicone and is lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free.




Klixx or Wacky Tracksff-1

These articulated chains can bend into countless shapes. Children can create letters, numbers, symbols – even a bracelet or necklace. Lightweight plastic construction is designed to withstand hours of intense play.



Wikki Stixff-4

This unique patented wax and yarn combination adheres to itself or paper with just fingertip pressure. No glue, no mess, and no clean-up! They do not break or pull apart but can be cut easily with scissors.




Bouncy Bands81x8p8s1fjl-_sl1500_

Bouncy Bands  help students fidget while they work at their desks. Children can bounce their feet and feel the band tension to relieve anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration, or boredom. The support pipes attach to the Bouncy Band to prevent them from slipping off the chair legs and becoming a nuisance. Teachers love that the bands are quiet and don’t disturb or distract other students.





Wobble Cushion38410_image5

Some kids really can’t help moving around! The wobble cushion provides the stimulation of moving in their seats, helping students focus. These wiggle seats have raised nubs on either side for traction and are very sturdy.






Flexi-Sphere or Magic Loops41kjkvccsel-_sx425_

This fidget toy is known by many names. It features pretty beads and interwoven wire loops that can be shaped into dozens of neat 3-D designs. It is great for gentle fidgeting, motor planning, 2-handed bilateral coordination play, and developing fine motor skills.

  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager