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Executive Function Summer Summit

SMARTS Executive Function Training

Join us for 4 hours of executive function professional development designed to introduce educators to the SMARTS Executive Function curriculum. Sessions will cover the fundamentals of executive function, metacognition, and strategy instruction. These sessions are a must for any educator planning to teach the SMARTS curriculum; however, they are of general interest as well. 

Each session will be led by Michael Greschler and a member of the Institutes for Learning and Development. All sessions take place between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM with an optional 15 minute Q&A from 6:00 – 6:15 PM. Recordings will be made available to all attendees for 2 weeks following the last live broadcast.  

Price: $229 for general, $199 for SMARTS educators ($20 discount for LDC attendees so $209 general LDC attendees and $179 for SMARTS users)

Location/date/time: Zoom! Two sessions of 2 hours each in the afternoon

Fall: October 29th and Nov 12th 4-6 pm 

Winter: February 25th and March 4th. 4-6 pm

The SMARTS Fall Training registration fee includes lesson plans, strategy worksheets, selected PowerPoint presentations, and a certificate of attendance upon completion of the Summit. Please direct all questions to Jamie Cutler, Director of Marketing and Communications, [email protected]

Meet our speakers
Lynn Meltzer, PhD
President and Director of the Institutes for Learning and Development (ResearchILD and ILD) in Lexington, MA.
Donna Kincaid, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, ILD Director of Outreach & Training, ResearchILD
Michael, Greschler, M.Ed.
Director, SMARTS programs and Conference Coordinator
Wendy Stacey, M.S.
Director, Reading and Teacher Training Associate
SMARTS Fall Training (includes 2 virtual sessions):
Session 1: October 29, 2020 and November 12, 2020
SMARTS Executive Function Training
Michael Greschler, M.Ed.,         
Session 2: February 25, 2020 and March 4, 2020
SMARTS Executive Function Training
Michael Greschler, M.Ed.,

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