EF at Home for the Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone on the SMARTS Executive Function team! We wish you a relaxing break, and we hope that your 2022 is filled with effective executive function strategies.

Executive Function at Home

Executive function processes are essential for everything we do! From home, to school, to the office — and even on school vacation — executive function processes help keep us moving and carry out our tasks.

Winter vacation is an ideal time to boost children’s executive function strategy use at home. An easy first step: make your own EF strategy use visible. For more ways to support your children’s EF strategy development over the break, check out these parent-centered blog posts:

Build Your Executive Function Toolkit in 2022

Are you interested in building your Executive Function Toolkit? Join us in February and March to hear from EF experts on topics such as metacognition and motivation, strategies to support students with long-term projects and project-based learning, embedding EF in the general education curriculum, and the intersection of EF and social-emotional learning. Learn more and register today

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

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