David Rose and Universal Design for Learning

David Rose

Universal Design for Learning is a game changer for all students, not just those with disabilities. When we design environments that account for the diversity of our students, whether they have ADHD, dyslexia, or no diagnosed difference whatsoever, we are ensuring that all students can access the curriculum and flex their learning muscles.

Executive function strategies, like those taught in SMARTS, are an important piece of the puzzle. When we do not teach executive function strategies, we are making the assumption that our students will just ‘figure it out on their own.’ For students with learning and attention challenges, this may never happen, so they are automatically at a disadvantage. If we create learning environments where executive function strategies are taught explicitly, then all our students will be able to engage executive function processes as they learn.

Thank you to Dr. David Rose and CAST for leading the way towards more equitable education for all.