Happy Holidays from SMARTS: Goal Setting

New year's fireworks above the tops of buildings against the night sky

Happy holidays from everyone on the SMARTS Executive Function team! Whether you like to unwind by reading, playing board games, or relaxing at home, we hope that you enjoy some time to recharge.

Goal Setting in the New Year

A new year can be a new opportunity to set goals and adopt new strategies. As your students return to class bright-eyed and rested, why not take the opportunity to do some reflection? Even if your students set New Year’s resolutions independently, there’s a chance that those resolutions will be overly critical or unrealistic.

Defining Our Goals

When setting goals, remember to define the what, why, and how of the goal to ensure that you know how to get started. There are several frameworks for goal setting (including CANDO goals in SMARTS, Unit 2) that can help students set realistic goals with built-in plans for reaching success.

Use a Mindful Approach

We often fall short of the high expectations we set for our goals. Taking a mindful approach to goal setting can help us remain calm and not judge ourselves if we don’t reach our goals or if the process takes longer than expected.

Learn More About Executive Function

As you prepare to bring the power of executive function strategies to your classroom, SMARTS is here for you! Our team is full of caring educators, experienced in helping teachers implement and adapt executive function strategies for diverse students and learning environments. We invite you to join our 2024 webinars and training to learn how executive function strategies can empower your students:

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