5 Math Hacks Your Students Will Love!

Teachers know that learning math can be a struggle for many students (and their teachers). Students often come with preconceived notions that they are “bad” at math, which can be hard for teachers to overcome. Students with working memory weaknesses or any learning/attention challenges may find math especially difficult.

To kickstart my students’ math confidence, I like to share with them some quick and effective math shortcuts. Teaching students strategies to help remember information efficiently decreases the working memory demands of math concepts.  As students become more successful in math, they will become more confident and willing to put in more effort. Here are some of my strategies:

Shortcut to Calculating Percentages

Remembering Pi with this Crazy Phrase

How to Multiply by Eleven1

The Easy Way to Add and Subtract Fractions

Multiples of 9 Made Easy

If you like these, click here to find more! Check out Unit 5 of SMARTS for general lessons on how to teach strategies for accessing working memory.

Have your own favorite math shortcut? Let us know in the comments.

  • Elizabeth Ross, M.A., SMARTS Media Manager