Announcing the Launch of the SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum

It gives me great pleasure to announce that SMARTS is now available to everyone! Many years ago, when I first began working clinically with students with learning and attention problems, it became clear that we needed to do more than remediate a student’s perceived weaknesses. ALL students are capable of success, in spite (or because of) their struggles. But to be successful, they need strategies that help them learn HOW to learn, and they need opportunities to learn who they are in a way that helps them identify areas of challenge and celebrate areas of strength. These are the goals of the SMARTS program.

In many ways SMARTS is the culmination of years of research and hard work conducted here at the Research Institute for Learning and Development, which I co-founded with my colleague Dr. Bethany Roditi in 1995. Our mission has always been to develop conferences, publications, and programs that can transform the lives of ALL students, helping them to find their unique pathways to success. With SMARTS, we have created a powerful and adaptable tool that any teacher can use to help foster strategic and self-aware learning in the classroom.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to SMARTS. We need as many educators as possible to join the SMARTS community. With your help we can continue to develop and refine SMARTS, making sure we reach every student in need and put them on the path to success.


Lynn Meltzer