Make a difference in the life of students with learning challenges!

We pride ourselves on being a wonderful place to work where individual talents are recognized and the power of a collective group of creative and intelligent individuals working towards a common goal is celebrated. Our work is grounded in a shared passion for improving the lives of students with learning challenges and the knowledge that a small group of dedicated individuals can have a big impact.

Current Openings

The Institute for Learning and Development (ILD) is dedicated to transforming the lives of students with
learning differences such as: dyslexia, ADHD, and executive function difficulties. We collaborate with parents, teachers, and other professionals to evaluate and teach students of all ages so they become strategic learners and attain unique pathways to success.

Interning at ResearchILD was personally and professionally rewarding.  Growing up with learning challenges myself, I know how important this work is. The experience I had will certainly shape how I move forward in my career and in my life.   I had the opportunity to work on projects that allowed me to hone my current skills and develop some brand new skills. Every day was a new learning experience!