Academic and life success are possible only when students use executive function strategies that are essential for sustained and successful learning. Daily, we witness the transformative power executive function strategy instruction offers to educators and students who embrace its potential.

Helping students develop executive function strategies – goal-setting, cognitive flexibility, organizing and prioritizing, memorizing, and self-checking and monitoring – can be the difference between success and failure, in school and in life.

Join our worldwide SMARTS community and give your students the tools and strategies to learn how to learn.

I am so grateful for your insights and perception regarding my son. The consultation provided will literally change the course of the services he receives. I am certain that this will, in turn, improve his learning and self-esteem for the rest of his life. Parent of School-Aged Child

What We Do

Our work spans 4 distinct but related areas: SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum, Professional Development for educators, Educational services for students and families, and our internationally renowned EF Conference, founded and directed by Dr. Lynn Meltzer 37 years ago.

Executive Function Curriculum

Grounded in the extensive research and publications of Dr. Lynn Meltzer, our SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum gives educators the tools and resources they need to help students learn critically important strategies for organizing, managing time, note-taking, and much more.

Professional Development

We conduct in-person and virtual workshops, school-based trainings, as well as coaching and consultation on executive function, metacognition, and strategy instruction.

Educational Services

We offer 1:1 educational therapy services for students of all ages and learning profiles. Our strengths-based approach empowers students to understand their learning profiles and leads to positive changes in their self-esteem, motivation, effort, and academic performance.

Executive Function Conference

Founded nearly 40 years ago by Dr. Lynn Meltzer, our nationally-acclaimed annual conference brings together experts in the fields of executive function and learning differences. Leading educators from around the world are enthusiastic about learning cutting-edge research in combination with practical, hands-on applications to classroom teaching.


Our SMARTS Executive Function curriculum as well as our other programs, are grounded in multiple research studies that have been implemented in numerous school systems across the socio-economic spectrum. Findings have been disseminated through Dr. Meltzer’s numerous publications in over sixty peer-reviewed journal articles, ten books, and hundreds of conferences and other presentations to educators nationally and internationally.