6th Annual Executive Function Conference Preview Part 1

Hello everyone, Elizabeth here! So our parent organization, ResearchILD, hosted its 6th annual Executive Function Conference and I wanted to give you the inside scoop about some of the details. I’ve been able to go to the last couple of conferences, I’ve got to say that this one is really unique because I can’t think of another conference that focuses exclusively on executive function.  

Conference Presenter Spotlight :

In her presentation, Kalyani Krishnan, M.A. and Ph.D. candidate, and the Assistant Director of Assessment at ResearchILD, will draw on the information processing theory of learning to help participants to understand how working memory capacities contribute to academic success across subject areas.  Issues that can occur when students’ working memory is compromised will also be discussed.  She will provide concrete examples for teaching that will enable you to recognize situations that can compromise the working memory process and will offer specific strategies that can assist you in modifying school assignments in support of working memory weaknesses.